Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Excitement over the Blog-hype..

I used to have my own personal website since I entered junior-high (it's 'round 1997..) and it's been neglected and been shut down, since I don't have much time when I enter senior-high ('round 2000) and since free webspace providers gone taking fees lately, so I think (again..) it's 'round early 2002 when I'm starting to closed my personal website and do something else.

I've been wanting to have my own personal website lately, since I've closed down my old ones.
Moreover, I've been thinking of pursuing the world of art and need a media to publish some of my works. It's not much but I do feel the urge for it.

I've been analyzing lately that there is a new media for your personal expressions too, that is growing so fast on the net with communities in the big cities of Indonesia. Thus, that's whay I think we're in a blog-hype world (I don't really like the word 'hype' coz it's usually doesn't stay for long, but I got big dreams in these thingies).

And I think I need one too. A media that I can express my daily thoughts in publishings, and not just dump it out from my (preciouss...) brain through my butt (oops) out the toilet..

I used to have a blog too (2000-2001), but back then I don't really think I needed it so I stop making blogs. It's in xanga.

Soo... It's been a comeback for me, and I really do hope that this time it works out with me...

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