Saturday, April 24, 2004

Elisha Cuthbert is soo d@mn hot..!!!

Just watched 'the girl next door' .. Tell u sumthin, i haven't smiled so wide, smiled so big, and smiled so satisfied and blissful when I saw a movie for a long.. long.. time.. (mungkin kalo di konser rocknya seringai gue menyeringai juga kali yah? hehe). I've been adoring Elisha Cuthbert from 'old school' and all 3 seasons of '24' and in 'love actually', to me she is so d@mn hot.. It's just her image of a fun'n'nuts-kinda-wild face that made her soooo sexy.. She has this energic and sparkling eyes, wide smile and cute lips, and moreover she has done a very good job on body shaping. In this teen'flick'movie, she appears as a teenage girl, who just moved in next door, and hot and sexy (this sentence is definitely soo wrong grammatically.. but it's good to describe my 'smile' for the movie), who turns out to be... a pornstar... (yes... you can 'smile' and guess how i'd 'smiled'). I can't hardly breathe when it comes to some'motel'rooms'scenes.. It's just.. to hard to say... you gotta watch it.. hah.... hah... hah... (breathing deeply...)

Maxim Photoshoot 2002My Favourite Pose - Maxim March'04

Oh yeah.. I also bought Maxim's March 2004, and yess.. she's on the cover of the mag..

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