Monday, April 26, 2004

The Cellar

Me @ The Cellar (Parking lot, hehe..)Last weekend, my dad came to Bandung on business purpose, with some of his staff which one of is my cousin. On Sat night, we went into this one of the most beautiful places (in this case, cafe/resto) in Indonesia -- The Cellar (Cafe & Lounge). It's in Jl. Diponegoro 9, just turn to Jl. Supratman from Dago, and you'll see on the right, not far from the intersection.

And yes, it is a wine cellar, yes.. bandung has a wine cellar.. (I think there is another wine cellar in 'the peak'). It's really impressive, the place.. it got the atmosphere, kind'of'loungy'n'comfy with great live'outdoor'ambient (on the outdoor terrace). It's really romantic, you know, with the right 'company', have a good time, a good dine, a good wine, and you can get more 'intimate'. I'm not sayin' that just because of my really'really romantic side, but because i've seen some couple really do some intimate 'stunt' there, hehe, you what happens when its just the two and the lights are very, very dim...

They have a live band that night, it's just a small acoustic band with two guitarist and one female singer. They are very nice anyway, lite up the atmosphere. I was wondering what if John Mayer was playing a gig there, with the live'atmosphere of the place, it would really fit nicely into the picture..

Anyway, I think 'the cellar' is really'really a wonderful place, if you got the time to visit Bandung, and wanna have good wine and place for a good chillout, i would strongly recommend the place..

Have a good time!

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