Friday, January 07, 2005

shoutbox rechanged

well, from today on, i've changed my shoutbox again, back to these few months i used because was temporarily doomed ^^; but from a couple of months ago was starting to falls apart too, and finally my shoutbox entries didn't appear at all, luckily then, was resurrected, up and running once more and my membership is still listed so finally i changed back my shoutbox service provider from to

one more thing. when was doomed, all my shoutbox entries are gone too, so this time i'm saving all the shoutbox entries from and posted it here ^^.


Name : tanti,
Comment : ngeliat blog Lu, gw jadi pengen minum mokacino... gw ke dapur dulu ya!!! mau bikin mokacino...

Name : hertz,
Comment : heuheuhe....warna blog na cool

Name : ikez,
Comment : thx brur sms-nya menghibur malem tahun baru nan sunyi :P

Name : siduahuruf,
Comment : I'll be home for christmas. Anyway soundrenaline bagus ga?

Name : eLLa
Comment : akhirnya...di up date jg!!!hehehe

Name : dodi,
Comment : buset. update, mas!

Name : Leo,
Comment : Allow mampir ya..boleh khan?

Name : KS,
Comment : gak di apdet? mampir ke tmpt gue deh, ntar loe liat some stuff about sg with u in it.. ;)

Name : bLub,
Comment : gue tau tuh lagu Koil yg ituw... jadi itu alesan lo jadi arsitek?

Name : 'ryan @ KL,
Comment : i'll be in KL till sat, contact me @ +60176968557

Name : 'ryan...,
Comment : guys.. i'll be abroad for a week.. so if you wanna reach me just sms me at: +6598727813

Name : KS,
Comment : mau seh yen domainnya, ikutan.. tapi nebenk aja yah? boleh gak? :D

Name : KS,
Comment : 2 taon yah yen? inget pas jaman2ny loe pundung n curhat.. :D luv ya still... ;)

Name : siduahuruf,
Comment : Wah itu toh..Ic2.Kaga ngatri apa2 gini, cuma ada bangunan gw foto2 bagian itunya,wahaha.Terus gw cut jadi gituh.Hehehe

Name : siduahuruf,
Comment : (reply dari taggie gw)Ryan, eloe tuh ngomongin apa sih?

Name : siduahuruf,
Comment : Wah ironis.Eloe 2 taon jombloan gw 2 taon anniversary gituh.Dasar anak
CC,dd gw jg demen Reel Big Fish...

Name : matz,
Comment : 2 bulan lagi jadian *ramalan sayah* hehe

Name : robin gedong
Comment : Woiii toyy,curhat terus yeee... gue pantauu... hahahaha

Name : an,
Comment : anjir meuni sedih gini euy postingannya. tp kau tidak sendirian teman. saat ini daku tengah mendengarkan lagu pupus dr dewa. ups, gak elit nya. okey deh, dashboard confessional meureun yang asik :D

Name : KS
Comment : beneran ituh bunnynya?? Mau donkkk...this time confirm k bdg nginep ke loe, ada bunny luthuuuuuuwww... miss u much, yen! :* muach!! ;)

Name : nuniek,
Comment : waa thx foto2nya, and HAPPY BELATED BDAY! baru 19? ck ck ck, beda 5
taon gitu lu dek :p ho ya, itu bunny-nya lucu banget!!! btw, thx jg ya payung merahnya :D

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4 ikut'ngoceh:

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