Saturday, February 26, 2005

Verylate New Year Resolution

Last monday, on one stressful morning, saat dosen ngoceh terus, makes me think about myself. This year i'll be 20, i gotta to have something that is more meaningful to my life. I have to start with new goals, cause at this age, the old ones are not really worth it. So here it goes, with just 10 months to go, just trying to be a better man;

1. Go one step further towards holistic/spiritual approach towards a better/healthier living
2. Dig phillosophy, and try to contemplate it to my ratio and self understanding, and my designs
3. Decrease a 'labour of love' work on campus activities, and do more money-earning or experience-earning work
4. Focus on my SPA projects
5. Learn more on digital architectural software, and gain skills
6. Do more exercise, remove the fats of my body
7. Learn to play a piano
8. Fix my website and publish it

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