Thursday, July 07, 2005

Hey Mr. CDJ

Ah.. abis ngeDJ tadi di TRL..
Played over than 2 hours today..

Akhirnya gue mulai bisa menikmati untuk dinikmati orang.
That' kinda respect you got as a DJ.
Some people explicitly expressed it while others don't do that very well hehe.
But you could feel it.
The way they smile at you when you play those songs,
The way they unconsciously move their hand, feet or body,
The way they smoke
The way their eyes are moving with me (hehe, i always dance to myself whenever I play the songs)
The way that they gave me some cheers at the end of every songs (DJs don't usually gets this kinda stuff out from the crowd you know, I'm really excited about this),
The way they drink and puke, buy some more cocktail and then puke again..

At first, people only noticed me because I got some unique song references, and that I'm (most likely to be) the only one in town who played classic jazz, bossanova, swing, bop, experimental jaz and nowadays, boogie.

However i'm classified to be non commercial and not hip, i might say now, underrated heheh. They don't really think that i could keep the crowd in the mood, or in other words, they just don't think they could get the crowd to buy more drinks with the kind of music i played.

Well i guess some people needs to do some reevaluation hehehe, looking at the fact that tonight really went well for me and the crowd and the friendly guys at the bar.

I am so glad to realize that people enjoyed my performance.
Cheers and beers you guys!

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