Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Songs that....

* Reminds you of an ex-love:
Nancy (Frank Sinatra)
Comfortable (John Mayer)

* Reminds you of a current one (if any):
dun hav any but.. Waiting in Vain (Bob Marley)

* Reminds you of your best friend/s:
Lagu-lagu di prambors jaman sma lah..
lagu-lagu dance buat ngepar jaman sma juga..

* Reminds you of your wonderfull childhood :
Blue Forever (OST Saint Seiya)
Lagu-lagunya film disney jaman sd

* A song for the one you love:
Tell Me Yours (OST Adrenaline neeh)

* Makes you cry:
Thanathos If I Can't Be Yours (ver. OST Eva 2)
lagunya film American Tale tuh gue lupa, waktu masi kecil pasti nangis

* Makes you smile:
New York, New York (Reel Big Fish cover)
La Vie En Rose (Louis Armstrong)

* Makes you Laugh:
Emerald Sword (Rhapsody)
Tahan di E (lagunya si dicky)
lagu-lagunya Muntah (apalagi super kontra sama jangan pipis dan berak sembarangan)

* Makes you contemplate:
Overture 1928 (Dream Theater)
Star Spangled Banner-nya Jimi Hendrix
Blackbird (Bobby McFerrin cover)
Superman (Benyamin Sueb)
Now's The Time (Miles Davis)
The Girl From Ipanema (Frank Sinatra)

*Reminds you of the one you once wanted:
Fly Me To The Moon (OST Eva Claire ver. cover)

* You want your crush to sing to you:
My Secret Admirer (Mocca)

*You wish you wrote:
Live in NY (the Sigit)

* You never want to hear again:
well.. gue gak seekstrim itu sih, apa yah?
some crap music from indonesia's top selling artist and those boyband faggots

* Tune you want to get married to:
maksudnya lagu buat kawin? hm..
The Waltz (Siljie Neergard)

* You used to hate but now love:
ape yah..? lagu-lagu band indie yang rekamannya jelek
tapi gue demen lagunya.. eurgh!

* Reminds you of what you really hate:
nothing crosses my mind..

* Song for the one you hate:
Somebody Hates Me (Reel Big Fish)

* You like to wake up to:
Nowhere Slow (Jesus Jones)
Honestly (Zwan)

* You like out of your parent's record collection:
The Beatles BW Album

* You love that you wouldn't know about if it wasn't
for a friend:
For Nancy (Pete Yorn)

* Makes you think of someone who died:
Angel's Son (Lajon of Sevendust)

* You sing in the shower:
Drunk Again (Reel Big Fish)

* You sing when you're alone:
St. Patrick's Day (John Mayer)
and many more...

* You love the video more than the tune:
Britney Spears yang baru tuh.. judulnya aja gue gak inget hehehe

* Reminds you of your first crush:
Flowers Blooming in The Church (Aeris Themenya FF7)

* You love which is from a movie:
broadway musicals is always good (and the movies comes along eventually)
OSTnya Power Ranger The Movie, LOTR, The Matrix Trilogy, Something's Gotta Give
Scotty Doesn't Know (Lustra.. OST Eurotrip)

* Makes you think of the moon:
Fly Me To The Moon (wat else yah..)
um.. Blue Moon sama Moon River...

* Makes you think of stars:
lagu-lagu swingnya the Ratpack

* Makes you think of the sun :
lagu-lagu bossanova Antonio Carlos Jobim, Astrud & Joao Gilberto

* Makes you think of the night:
Tonight, tonight (OST West Side Story)
most of my jazz collection does..

* Makes you wanna scream :
Personal Jesus (Marilyn Manson.. in fact semua lagunya dia makes me wanna scream out loud)
Alkohol (Seringai)
Blind (KoRn)
Rocker Juga Manusia (Seurieus)

* Makes you feel intimidate:
Ave Satani (Fantomas ver. of OST The Omen.. really love this song)

* Makes you wanna kill yourself:
Komm Susser Todd (Come Sweet Death.. OSTnya The End of Eva juga, fan)

* Makes you think of sex:
Wonderful, Beautiful, Amazing (DJ Rogers Jr.)

* Makes you think of being alone:
A Love Song For No One (John Mayer)

* Has only been released recently but you love
gue baru nontonin Naruto jadi gue demen sama lagu ending yang pertama:
Wind (Akeboshi)

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