Wednesday, March 09, 2005

bad comparisons

1. Clubbing, ngelounge?
i love to be in the lounge, but i like it better
at starbucks
clubbing is for fags, go see some rock gigs,

2. Alternative, Pop, Disco?
It's either classic jazz, rock (please don't put
the cheesy ones on your mind) or metal for me

3. Madonna, Britney, Kyle M?
who's got bigger b00bs?
jenna jameson aja deh
hey at least di juga pernah nongol di vklipnya eminem

4. Nonton Bioskop, DVD, Kabel?
anything selama yang ditonton ok

5. Hujan, Panas?
either both, i'd prefer to be in the indoors
except when you're outdoor travelling , kalo ujan
repot juga kali yah.

6. Izzi Pizza, Pizza Hut?
I ate all kinds of pizzas

7. Orange, Ungu, Hitam?
dibandingin kedua warna lainnya, yah jelas item lah

8. Digital, Manual?
iye nih bego yang nanya. it's digital vs analog,
or manual vs automatic
i'd prefer digital. it's more efficient for me.
manual or automatic itu tergantung kebutuhan.

9. Chatting, Browsing?
both, kadang2 tergantung mood juga kali yah

10.Josh Harnett, Collin Farrel, Matt Damon?
sponge bob

11. Agnes Monica, Pingkan Mambo?
Pingkan got bigger b00bs.. and she sings better
than agnes, but she's a stoner..
Agnes doesnt have a lot of talent in singing and
not fashion-wise
Reza aja deh

12. Masayu, Happy Salma?
Even though that if both got bigger b00bs
gue masih milih Dian Sastro, hehehe

13. Kucing, Anjing, Ikan?

14. Sahabat Cowo, Sahabat Cewe?
I'd find it rather difficult to talk to men about
sensitive things and personal stuff, and i find it
difficult to talk about gadget/techno stuff and
heavy music with women.. jadi dua2nya ada enak gak
but my best friend is a girl.

15. Natalie Portman, Natalie Imbruglia?
Natalie Portman.. satu-satunya cewe yahudi yang cantik

16. Lindsay Lohan, Hillary Duff?
I'd say Lohan because she got bigger b00bs

17.ClubEighties, Naif?
dua-duanya boleh
the upstairs aja deh

18. Mandy Moore, Jessica Simpson?
I'd say Simpson because she got bigger b00bs.
But besides those things, she's stupid, mendingan
Mandy, dia cukup wise dalam berkarir.

19. SouthPark, The Simpsons?
the simpsons is my all time favourite classics

20. Delon, Christian Baitusta?
John Mayer..
solo pop men singers is for jose mari chan fans

ps: the reason i talked about those female singer
b00bs is that because their songs sucks

Ryan ngoceh'ngoceh at 3/09/2005 02:30:00 PM 1 ikut'ngoceh

1 ikut'ngoceh:

ck ck ck kerenz !

Anonymous viga ngoceh'ngoceh, at 7:30 PM  

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