Monday, July 04, 2005

Fuck! Two days in a row? What's going on with me? Ye-heah!

Yesterday i got the full tanks on friendster's my horoscope. (Refer to the previous post). I didn't really go anywhere actually.. I don't have a car to hop on.
I ended travelling in the hyperspace of the net, haha, not the real world. It's world it just a 3x4 m2 for me yesterday.

And then i logged in to my friendster just now, my eyes flipped to the right end of the screen and guess what? The tanks are still full??!! (Um, yeah i don't have a car to get around to unfill my tanks hahaha). I got this superb condition of horoscope for two days in a row. It seems that the horoscope guy really do know that i am not going anywhere yesterday. Anggun says that i should be going to beach or something, but its like a couple hours of drive, and i dont have a car, uh!

And it seems that today i would be somekind of a hotshot flirty guy.. Uh-huhm.. yeah.
I am on fire baby!

this is yesterday...

and this one is today

Today's Forecast

Still tapping on the table and wishing you were somewhere else? Well, fine. You may not be able to leave this second, but that doesn't mean you can't make plans, or discuss travel plans with a prospective companion.

The Bottom Line

Where'd you get that flirty, twinkly smile? The flirty powers were sure nice to you!

In Detail

You're in a mood -- a restless mood. No matter where you are, there's someplace you'll prefer to be. And while you might ordinarily be able to distract yourself until you can find a practical way to get where you want to go, you won't be willing to waste a moment now. So don't. Cut to the chase. Announce to one and all that you've got someplace to be, and get yourself there. It's time for the next leg in your journey.

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