Monday, May 17, 2004

The Reason

Hehe, mungkin para penggemar pribadi gue (emang ada gituh?) selalu bertanya'tanya kenapa gue sampai sekarang selalu sendiri?? Wel, it's rather a personal thingie you know.. I waiting for the right person, and maybe i'm still trying to get over my past.

Wel, there was this girl i met when i was in highschool, we fell in love and we had the best times of our lives, but unfortunately that *ini di sensor aja deh* girl cheated on me. Moreover he was my junior in highschool, imagine how would i feel back then when i was on the top of my ego that's is bigger than life, and self-pride among my fellow canisians (i was on a homogeneous highschool). Poor me... poor me..

Geez, 'nough 'bout the craps.. I think right now i eventually gotten past her, but I'm always in an ackward position y'know? It's like when people thought that your are not fine about it but you say you do to them and you really'really do, and all the stuff you said is just gonna make the situation more ackward?

Hm.. but hey.. look what i found on my friendster's bulletin board.. Yes, yes i think she's feeling ackward too about this but i still can't figure her out about it heheh..

From: jUliA
Date: May 17, 2004 7:43 PM
Subject: bout you and your relationship

Message: Kapan terakhir kamu:

Jatuh cinta? 2 years ago until now, i'm still

Punya pacar? yup currently 22months up to now

Punya TTM/HTS? nope, definitely, What for?

Nembak ce/co? never..

Ditolak? never

Diputusin? never....n jangan sampe!! hehehe

Mutusin? Pernah........
Selingkuh? hmmm... no comment! tp enggak lah..

Jadi selingkuhan orang? never!!!!!!
Naksir sobat sendiri? dulu bgt.....

Naksir pacar temen? never...

Kasih tak sampai? yeah once waktu smp...hehehe
bt juga seh, soalnya dia jadian
ama temen gw sendiri....

First Love: yeah currently, cowok gw sekarang is
my first love...

jadian gak? hah? ama 1st love? iya jadian...


Romantis ga? iya itu tipe orang yg
demen dimanjain, makan di tempat yg
suasananya asik, romantic, demen lagu
romantic...candle light dinner...
surprise...ya pokoke all those things

Setia ga? iya donk...soalnya prinsip gw kita musti
setia kalo mau pasangan kita setia sama

Cemburuan ga? iya......sometimes...kadang2 gw
tidak bisa meredam ego gw........

Pengertian ga? hmm lumayanlah

Caring ga? yup..

Suka co/ce kyk apa sih? setia, fun, baek,penyayang
nyambung, romantis,have
inner n outter beauty
ya pokoknya byk deh...
yang kayak co gw lah....

Would you…

Date someone younger? yup, my boyfriend now is
younger than me...and
we're fine..I have no
problem with age as long as
kita be2 cocok.....

Date someone older? yup dulu2...

Ditch your bf/gf for a better one? nope

Flirt with others when u have a bf/gf? yeah once,
but not now!


pantai/gunung? both

summer/winter/spring/autumn? autumn ( romantic )
but overall I like

kucing/anjing? anjing!!!

hitam/putih? black....definitely.

digebet/ngegebet? hm hard question...BOTH

nyium/dicium? haha both's about giving
and return...hahha but I love being

diatas ato dibawah? no comment!

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